Equipping Abwasserverband Kempten with a catalytic HHG-steam reformer is a fantastic way to showcase the Biogas-to-Green Hydrogen opportunity in practice. In addition to system components, Metacon also offers complete energy solutions for sustainable generation of electricity, heating and cooling as well as hydrogen filling stations, which leaves a major part of the possibilities yet unexplored.

However, this first substantiated step on the German market will undeniably pave the way to further cooperation possibilities and enable increased production of non-fossil hydrogen from biogas.

“We are very proud to become part of the lighthouse project Hydrogen Center Kempten. With Abwasserverband Kempten we have won a very experienced and highly professional project partner within wastewater treatment and biogas production in Germany. We will establish an important contribution to the decentralized production of non-fossil green hydrogen, the cyclic reuse of existing and local resources.

A huge milestone for future clean energy and fuel independence in Europe and beyond”, says Dr. Christian Hofmann, Managing Director, Metacon GmbH, in a comment.