SGCP 2021/2022

3eflow's logotype.
3E Flow can save 50% of hot water energy consumption.
Climacheck's logotype.
ClimaCheck has a unique method for analysing cooling and heating processes.
Eliq's logotype.
Eliq is specialized in energy data analytics via smart and non-smart meters.
Elonroad's logotype.
Elonroad is developing a high-tech electric road system which autocharges electric vehicles when parked as well as when driving.
Logotype of Energy Opticon.
Energy Opticon is a software provider for economic optimization of energy systems.
Evolar's logotype.
Evolar's technology for solar panel manufacturers increases power yield by 25%.
Metacon's logotype.
Metacon supplies hydrogen production technologies for stationary and mobile applications.
Rebase's logotype.
Rebase Energy aims to empower tomorrow’s energy innovators with digital tools like AI and big data.
Utilifeed's logotype.
Utilifeed has a service for forecasting, price modelling, fault detection, energy system design and scenarios.