SGCP 2023

Biofrigas logotype.
Biofrigas produces small plants for the production of liquid biogas.
C green's logotype.
C-Green makes wet waste valuable by converting sludge into useful biofuel.
Dazoq's logotype.
Dazoq offers an intelligent energy management system.
Ecoclime's logotype.
Ecoclime Evertherm is a system that reuses unused energy in wastewater.
Enequi's logotype.
Enequi offers intelligent systems and services for energy storage and energy optimization.
Epishine's logotype.
Epishine is a leading developer and manufacturer of printed solar cells.
Invisense's logotype.
InviSense's sensors measure moisture in building parts where moisture is not desirable.
Modio's logotype.
Modio offers real-time energy management of facility assets.
Logotype of Proptechos.
ProptechOS makes buildings more efficient and ready for smart city integration. 
Logotype of ztrusion.
The z.trusion® technology creates indented patterns and structures, cuts costs and reduces environmental impact.