Elonroad is developing a high-tech electric road system – it auto charges electric vehicles when parked as well as when driving.

The solution is a conductive charging infrastructure designed for all electric vehicles (EVs), e.g. cars, taxis, buses and trucks, that operate in urban and highway conditions. EVs that connect to Elonroad obtain direct power drive energy and charge their batteries to continue driving when disconnected from the electric road system (ERS).

Elonroad goes beyond electrifying roads – it pioneers road digitization. The ERS is equipped with IoT sensors and software that captures and analyses transportation data to generate intelligent feedback that interacts in real-time with moving and stationary vehicles.

Elonroad’s vision is to electrify the entire transport sector and make fossil fuel a thing of the past, without increasing the demand of batteries. Elonroad can contribute to reducing road transport CO2 emissions by up to 50% within a 10-year-period.

A heavy vehicle being charged while driving on a road. Photo.
A city bus being charged at a bus stop. Photo.