Enjay puts an end to wasting energy

Enjay is a Swedish cleantech company, specialized in energy efficiency. The company’s first solution, Lepido, is the first in the world to offer profitable energy recovery from restaurant ventilation. The innovation enables reducing the annual emissions of CO2 by 500 million metric tons, one entire percent of the projected world-wide CO2 emissions by 2050.

The Paris agreement stipulates two main areas of fighting the climate crisis: green energy and energy efficiency. 40 percent of the energy produced worldwide is today consumed in real estate. Today, the 15 million buildings in the world that have restaurants basically recycle no energy whatsoever, since the exhaust air contains high concentrations of grease and soot. This is an enormous waste of energy, which causes unnecessary emissions of GHG.

Enjay’s first innovation, Lepido, is a heavy-duty heat exchanger for restaurant ventilation, enabling an end to this waste of energy. The delivered effect per converted restaurant varies from 17 to 106 kilowatts, lowering the average annual emissions of CO2 by circa 34 metric tons. Lepido is a stalwart recovery battery, able to recover energy in hostile environment, making every kilowatt hour recycled a financial saving as well. Property owners worldwide can thus simultaneously save money and contribute to the climate.

Since 2019, Lepido is the new standard for every Burger King restaurant built in Scandinavian, with effort being made to launch the system in the rest of the EU and the United States. Enjay has also commenced efforts to identify and streamline other areas wasting too much energy.

Enjay’s mission is to put an end to wasting energy, because the cleanest form of energy is the one never produced.

Heat exchanger from Enjay. Photo.