Rebase Energy

Rebase Energy aims to empower tomorrow’s energy innovators with data and digital tools like AI and big data to increase the pace of change to a sustainable energy system. With more and more weather-dependent distributed energy resources like wind and solar, there is a need for accurate forecasting that in return means an increased degree of plannability to optimally dispatch distributed energy resources while maintaining the balance and robustness of the grid.

Rebase Energy provides an AI-ready weather forecast data API and a platform for forecasting and optimization that empower energy companies in an API-first and fully modular way – users only use the parts they need to succeed.

The Rebase Datahub is a unique AI-ready weather data API tailored for energy forecasting use cases. It aggregates global weather forecast data from several meteorological institutes and we store not only historical data, but also historical forecasts. This is crucial when developing machine learning algorithms to forecast for example energy supply and demand.