PowerCellution (PowerCell) offers customized megawatt solutions. PowerCell understands the complex challenges clients face and can offer the complete value chain of a hydrogen fuel cell power systems; by partnering up with world leading industrial innovators and integrators, such as Hitachi-ABB Power grids. Everyone must pull their weight in the global and urgent task of reducing emissions. A hydrogen solution by PowerCell enables the use of green energy on a large scale. By using hydrogen generated from renewable sources like sun and wind, PowerCell can generate power without any other emissions than clean water. Reach zero emissions together – and do it now.

In addition to the actual fuel cell system, PowerCell can provide project management, integration, ancillary components, warranties and service plans.

PowerCell Sweden has its roots in the automotive industry and the fuel cell technology. PowerCell’s development is characterized by the industry’s demands for high power in combination with a compact format and a design that can withstand the loads that a demanding use in vehicles entails.

Achieving commercial success in such a demanding and volume-oriented segment, however, requires more than good technology – it requires opportunities for both broad industrialization and commercialization. With regard to the PowerCell S3 fuel cell stack for the vehicle segment, PowerCell Sweden has therefore chosen to enter into a strategic partnership with Robert Bosch GmbH, one of the world’s leading suppliers to the automotive industry with development resources and manufacturing facilities in a large number of important markets. Together, PowerCell is now developing a new and improved version of the PowerCell S3 that will meet all the tough demands of the automotive industry and which at the same time will be able to mass-produce in large volumes in the most efficient way possible.