Bright Energy

Bright is an AI-powered smart energy platform that transforms the energy sector. We help utilities become a digital “next generation energy company” and their end users to understand, control and manage their electricity consumption, cost and environmental impact.

The white label platform focuses on smart algorithms and artificial intelligence, which can make decisions based on the customers’ behavior patterns. Bright has packaged this in a cloud service (SaaS) that allows end users to access the platform via a PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet – wherever they are.

Bright helps energy companies gather all their services in the same app/platform. Whether it is electricity consumption, district heating, water & sewage or a service like “My pages”, chat, payment of invoices or forecasts for future electricity consumption, environmental impact or costs, everything can be done directly in the app. By choosing Bright, utilities get:

  • Greater added value for their end users
  • Lower costs for customer service
  • Higher customer engagement & customer relationship
  • New revenue opportunities
  • Higher customer loyalty
  • Reduced churn
Two smartphones displaying Bright's system. Photo.