Metacon’s core business is based on the production and distribution of hydrogen production technologies for stationary and mobile applications. Catalytic steam reforming processes and electrolysis systems are available as transformation systems. In addition to system components, the company also offers complete energy solutions for sustainable generation of electricity, heating and cooling as well as hydrogen filling stations.

Metacon AB (publ) owns Metacon KK in Yokohama (Japan) as well as Helbio S.A.(Greece), a know-how carrier with many years of experience in hydrogen production from biogas with key competencies in the segments of steam reforming, catalysis, reaction engineering, process design and system integration and control. In addition, systems and solutions for the production of hydrogen by electrolysis are offered through the associated company Water2H2 AB.

This constellation of know-how and available technology enables Metacon to offer competent solutions as well as turnkey systems and plants in various sizes for different applications.