myFC has developed a completely new solution to the challenges of electric transportation. The technology allows manufacturers of professional and consumer oriented electric vehicles to develop the most efficient and cost-effective battery-fuel cell hybrid vehicles. Extended range, emission-free, and minimum charge times.

myFC focuses on hybrid systems with battery and fuel cells combined. Hybrid systems have several advantages over pure BEV or FCEVs. Batteries are good for dynamic output, but not good for energy density meanwhile fuel cells are best when running steadily and have great energy density. By combining fuel cells and batteries, myFC can minimize charge time significantly, and in the case of professional vehicles, this leads to a significant increase of the useful uptime of the vehicle, improving the ROI.

The rapid worldwide transition to electric mobility is bringing significant demands on the electricity infrastructure. Range limitations coupled with the cost and resource requirements of batteries make a clear case for fuel cell solutions to enable such a transition at all levels of the transport ecosystem.

myFC’s unique approach enables fuel cells for a much wider range of applications, at a lower cost than conventional technologies.

A car equipped with myFC's battery fuel cell. Illustration.
A boat, a car and a scooter equipped with myFC's battery fuel cells. Illustration.