Swedish Exergy

It seems like sludge is all people are talking about. The problem with dealing and handling sludge in today’s societies with new and stricter regulations is a major cause for concern for many in the industry. So, what is the best way to handle the sludge? There are a lot of solutions in the market, all with their pros and cons.

Swedish Exergy is an engineering company based in Gothenburg with the goal to change the industry with a proposed solution of using Exergy Superheated Steam Dryer (PSSD) or Exergy Pressurized Air Stream Dryer (PASD). This allows Swedish Exergy together with their clients to work towards the UN sustainable goals and the Paris accord.

Swedish Exergy is trying to elevate the pros and reduce the cons with a drying solution that is not only low in CAPEX and OPEX but also has benefits mention below. The system is suitable both for wastewater treatment plants, waste handling companies and energy companies who use biomass as energy source.

As regards the first two Swedish Exergy creates a revenue stream for the sludge instead of a cost, drying the sludge with the PSSD or PASD and at the same time removing the harmful substances to get 100% sterile sludge with no emissions or odors, ready for combustion or storage. With the help of CO2-capture, the clients can achieve negative CO2-emissions.

As regards the latter Swedish Exergy can reduce the energy usage when producing pellets by 90% and even achieve negative CO2-emissions with CO2-capture.

A pile of sludge. Photo.