Evolar is developing and commercializing a manufacturing technology for solar panel manufacturers, the “PV Power Booster”. The PV Power Booster consists of a perovskite solar cell layer coated on the front glass of a conventional solar panel. This increases the panel’s power yield by 25%.

In Uppsala, Sweden, Evolar has a prototype line for manufacturing PV Power Booster panels as well as R&D equipment for development on lab scale. Scaling up the technology and design of equipment is ongoing.

Evolar’s business model involves selling the PV Power Booster Line for a fixed contract fee to solar panel manufacturers. Supply includes equipment for the agreed manufacturing capacity, a functioning process according to agreed KPIs, a utilization license and various services.

The customer benefit with Evolar’s PV Power Booster solution is a high-efficiency panel without affecting the manufacturing cost per watt. As a result, the total system cost per watt decreases for the potential customer’s customer!


Solar panel lamination. Graphics.