Midsummer offers discrete thin film solar panels for structures that can’t support the weight of ordinary silica panels, where you can’t perforate the roof and where the design matters.

Midsummer is a Swedish solar energy company that develops and markets building integrated solar panels directly to end customers from its own production. Midsummer is also a leading developer and supplier of advanced solar energy technology solutions for the production and installation of thin film solar panels.

With the products Midsummer SLIM, Midsummer WAVE and Midsummer BOLD the customers get light, thin and discrete solar panels that result in aesthetically appealing solar roofs with almost 90 % smaller carbon footprint compared to conventional solar panels.

The solar panel BOLD with the low weigh of 3 kg/m² can be integrated in roof membrane- bitumen- or steel roof on industrial buildings with flat roof. The solar panel SLIM with a length of up to 4 meters can be integrated on a standing seam metal roof which makes it almost invisible. The panel is attached with a double-sided adhesive. The SLIM panel is also suitable to combine with sandwich panels for the industry. The curved panel WAVE is unique with the shape of roof tiles. It keeps the nice design of the roof and add energy production at the same time.

Midsummer is looking for installers and partners to integrate thin film solar panels in roof protection material on the German market. The production in Sweden close to the German market is a warranty for support and fast deliverance.

A residential house with film solar panels on the roof. Photo.
Houses with film solar panels. Photo.
Industrial building with film solar panels on the roof. Photo.
Houses with film solar panels. Photo.