Utilifeed develop and sell an SaaS built on a proprietary AI/ML engine. It is infinitely scalable, meaning it can be used in small operations as well as in the largest operations imaginable. Furthermore, it does not make any intrusion to a customer’s system as it operates on data transferred from the customer to the cloud and then paired with multiple other data. No other platform provides the same width and depth of capabilities.

The basic service is a tool for various analyses, e.g. forecasting, price modelling, fault detection, energy system design and scenarios. Premium services make it a critical brain for all parts of an energy utility containing data. Hence, it’s not only a BI tool with surveillance and demand-flex, but it also includes demand-response and automated control and operation.

In a utility company, all departments (metering, market and sales, distribution, production, end-customer interface, infrastructure maintenance, energy trading as well as C-level KPIs) are connected in the same platform and it works for heating, cooling, power grid, gas, water and energy services. Ultimately, all energy-related departments and companies in a group can be integrated in the platform. As an add-on, integration is possible to real estate and building management and automation systems, providing the energy utility with new services and products aimed at their customers.

Customer value is improved efficiency, substantial cost savings and increased profit, and it comes with zero intrusion and zero technical risk.