The Swedish energy pavilion “The Green Machine” at E-world 2023

Photo: The Swedish energy pavilion “The Green Machine” at E-world 2023.
Photo: Paul Klimek, Digitale Fotografien.

E-world 2024: Extend your network and meet Swedish cleantech innovators

We are proud to introduce you to our Swedish companies that will be represented in the Swedish Energy Pavilion in Hall 5, Booth 5A115 at E-world energy & water 2024:


ClimaCheck has developed a unique method for analyzing cooling and heating processes. This innovative approach can lead to energy savings of up to 30%, while simultaneously enhancing equipment reliability, reducing wear, lowering operational costs, and decreasing CO2 emissions. In collaboration with ProptechOS, the company has been commissioned by the German Energy Agency (dena) to develop a cost-effective analysis tool for air conditioning, refrigeration, and heat pump systems.


Eliq offers a cutting-edge SaaS platform, utilizing AI and data from distinctive customer interactions. The company’s mission is to provide insights that motivate and empower customers to actively manage their energy consumption.

Emulate Energy

Emulate Energy addresses the critical need for efficient energy storage solutions. The advanced software transforms home devices, such as air conditioners and EV chargers, into a ‘virtual battery’ by intelligently managing their adaptable energy usage patterns.


DTR-1 allow power system operators to transfer more capacity using already operational transformers, giving room for expansion of renewable power sites and more flexibility. By offering real-time predictions and decision support, DTR-1 empowers system operators to effectively manage their power transformers using dynamic ratings.


Metacon develops and manufactures energy systems for hydrogen, heat, and electricity production. Leveraging patented catalytic steam reforming technology, the company efficiently generates hydrogen from biogas or other hydrocarbons (electrolysis and biogas or biomethane reforming).

Skawen Technologies

Skawen offers advanced building solutions that significantly reduce energy consumption, enhance air quality, and minimize environmental footprints for real estate customers. With cutting-edge technology, including thermodynamic algorithms and real-time data dashboards, Skawen empowers customers to take full control of their properties, even in complex buildings.


Skyqraft is a visual data analytics provider supporting businesses in the power grid infrastructure sector. Through artificial intelligence, Skyqraft transforms aerial grid images into valuable management information. By analysing and visually presenting grid insights, the company enables utility companies to make smarter, more sustainable, and cost-efficient decisions regarding grid maintenance.


Liqway delivers an innovative solution for quicker, more secure welding connections in local district heating networks, revolutionizing traditional hatch welding with its efficient drainage method for dry and reliable welds. Water accumulation in pipes, causing delays and emergencies, is swiftly addressed by Liqway’s method, utilizing specialized suction nozzles. Liqway significantly reduces interruption times with its smart adapter and suction nozzles available before each connection.


Kiona is a leading SaaS company offering an innovative and cost-efficient proptech platform. With well-proven solutions for integration and connectivity, Kiona helps customers achieve their financial and sustainability objectives by digitalizing new and old buildings and their heating, cooling, ventilation, and refrigeration systems.

Processkontroll Green Technology

Processkontroll Green Technology offers compressed and liquefied natural and biogas stations in various configurations. With a proven track record of over 150 CBG vehicle gas stations in Sweden and the Nordic region, along with numerous LBG/LNG stations for heavy trucks, their facilities incorporate advanced technology, ensuring reliability with low operating and maintenance costs.


Baselight is a company specialized in the design and manufacture of smart portable equipment for demanding industries. The portable product range includes wide area lighting, battery AC power and solar charging. Emphasizing minimal environmental impact, low power consumption, and a minimal CO2 footprint, a steadfast commitment to sustainable innovation is upheld by the company.


Metrum specializes in the development and global marketing of distinctive system solutions tailored for measuring energy, disturbances, and faults within the realm of power quality and related applications. Metrum aims to empower customers to effortlessly conduct analyses and take optimized actions for energy conservation, cost reduction, and effective mitigation of environmental impact.


Connect with Christiane Binsteiner Foberg to secure a scheduled meeting with our companies. We look forward to connecting with you!



Christiane Binsteiner Foberg, German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce

About the initiative

Since 2014, the Swedish Energy Agency has been actively promoting innovation through knowledge exchange and the facilitation of collaboration in the field of green energy between Sweden and Germany. E-world energy & water event plays an important role in the promotion of Swedish cleantech in Germany. The intention of the Swedish Energy Agency, along with the co-exhibitors, is not only to inspire but also to establish a platform for collaboration and the development of future solutions that address our shared challenges and ambitions.