Swedish cleantech solutions at E-World Energy & Water in Essen 2022

The German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce and the Swedish Energy Agency are further intensifying the German-Swedish cleantech dialogue by organising a Swedish Energy Pavilion at E-World Energy & Water 2022. As the leading trade fair for the European energy industry, E-World Energy & Water has become one of the most important information and networking platforms for the sector and an ideal forum for initiating international cooperation.

From 21 to 23 June, selected Swedish cleantech companies will present innovative energy solutions at the Swedish Energy Pavilion. In addition, targeted activities will provide a comprehensive insight into Sweden’s sustainability work as well as concrete impulses for German-Swedish cooperation.

We are pleased to present the following Swedish companies as part of the Energy Pavilion 2022.


Azelio is changing the future of solar energy. The Azelio TES.POD is a long-term energy storage system that generates clean energy in the form of electricity and heat around the clock, with zero emissions. On the one hand, this makes it possible to secure the base load with renewable energy, and on the other, it makes clean energy production more affordable and reliable.


ES Systems

Heat pumps and intelligent control systems that are compatible with all types of heating sources. ES Systems AB uses existing technologies together with innovative ideas to achieve maximum savings in money and CO2 emissions.



rebase.energy provides data and digital tools for optimisation of distributed energy resources.


dLaboratory Sweden

dLab offers an intelligent digital platform that makes it easier for the energy sector to support tomorrow’s sustainable society. By providing visual grid analytics that enable data-driven decision-making, it opens the possibilities for a modernised way of working and a more resilient power grid.



Metacon is an international energy technology company and supplier of energy systems for the production of hydrogen, electricity and heat. Metacon focuses on hydrogen production technologies (biogas or biomethane reforming and electrolysis) with a broad performance range.



Ferroamp offers energy and power optimisation systems for households, real estate and industrial customers. Ferroamp’s EnergyHub system offers a new, future-proof option that integrates both solar power, energy storage and EV chargers in one system with intelligent control and real-time monitoring.


NODA Intelligent Systems

NODA develops and markets thermal AI-based solutions for energy companies, property owners and automation companies in the fields of district heating, heat pumps, gas, geothermal and other thermal systems. NODA’s solutions increase renewable energy capacity and reduce dependence on fossil fuels.



Based in Gothenburg, Piigab has been working with Modbus and M-Bus data acquisition for 40 years. Piigab has expertise in data communication, especially in relation to different types of protocols such as M-Bus, Modbus, Bacnet, as well as OPC.



Eliq is a SaaS platform that enables energy companies to deliver applications that help end customers better understand and manage their energy consumption. Founded in Gothenburg, Sweden, Eliq provides AI-powered APIs and white-label applications for energy insights to 20 utilities on two continents.



The first company in Sweden to efficiently digitise paper invoices. The product is a SaaS software platform to further deepen the customer relationship, ensuring on-time payments, increasing internal efficiency and customer satisfaction, and building customer loyalty. Billogram bundles the entire process by acting as a one-stop shop for everything related to payments, sales and dunning.



Enrad develops, produces and distributes chillers and heat pumps from 20 up to 140 kW. A modular concept where up to 12 units with 1.6 MW can be combined. Enrad uses natural refrigerants, inverter-controlled systems with MODBUS/TCPIP and Bacnet. The company works with a temperature range between -12 and +60 °C.



3eflow creates smart connected valves for tap water to save energy, water and increase hygiene and security.


Nabla Analytics

Nabla Analytics provides data-driven consulting and SaaS products that help energy companies work more efficiently and effectively. Nabla Analytics believes that better use of data is an important part of the green energy transition.



isMobile is a rapidly growing Swedish company founded in 2000, active in the field service market. The main market segments are Utility, Industrial Maintenance and Customs. isMobile delivers solutions based on the platform isMobile Coordinator. The company primarily delivers solutions for Case and Work Order Management, Field Service Management, and high-volume applications like Smart Meter Rollout.


Further information

More information about the fair and the exhibitors can be found here:


We look forward to introducing you to the selected Swedish cleantech solutions and Sweden’s overall sustainability competencies in Hall 5.

Would you like to get in touch with the companies? Please contact Christiane Binsteiner Foberg.


Foto: E-World 2020.