E-world energy & water, Essen

In the German business world, trade fairs play an important role both for networking and for actual business deals. E-world energy & water is the European energy sector’s major international meeting point. As information and networking platform for the energy industry, the fair annually gathers international stakeholders and trade visitors in Essen, the heart of German industry.


We will once again be present at E-world energy & water with a Swedish Energy Pavilion.


The companies below are with us. Please reach out to Christiane Binsteiner Foberg if you wish to meet with any of our companies, we are located in Hall 5, Booth 702.


Bktech Group

Bktech Group supplies complete decentralized bioenergy plants for the production of steam and heat for industry and the energy sector (district heating). Bktech already has a leading position in Sweden and is now expanding internationally.



Climacheck has a unique method for analyzing cooling and heating processes. ClimaCheck can save users up to 30 percent energy – while improving equipment reliability, reducing equipment wear, lowering operating costs and reducing CO2 emissions. The company, together with ProptechOS, has been commissioned by the German Energy Agency (dena) to develop a cost-effective analysis tool for air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems.



Eliq offers a SaaS platform that enables energy companies to deliver applications that help end users better understand and manage their energy consumption. Eliq provides AI-powered APIs and white-label energy analytics applications to 20 utilities on two continents.



Elonroad is developing a high-tech electric road system that automatically charges electric vehicles while parked as well as while driving. The solution provides conductive charging infrastructure to all electric vehicles on highways and in urban traffic.


Emulate Energy

Emulate provides a cloud platform that allows utilities to connect to distributed energy resources and transform demand flexibility into an energy storage tool. This tool integrates seamlessly with existing trading desks and connected devices, supporting both energy companies and the end customer.



Metacon is an energy technology company and provider of energy systems for the generation of hydrogen, electricity, and heat. The company specializes in technologies for the cost-effective production of hydrogen from biogas or other hydrocarbons (electrolysis and biogas or biomethane reforming).


Modio Facility Assets

Modio is a provider of an IoT operating system that enables easy and secure aggregation of data and can read any protocol. The system can be used to analyze energy efficiency and intelligently control heat pumps, for example (“Behind the Meter Optimization”), to reduce electricity consumption and associated costs.


NODA Intelligent Systems

NODA develops and markets thermal AI-based solutions for energy companies, property owners and automation companies in district heating, heat pumps, gas, geothermal and other thermal systems. NODA’s solutions increase renewable energy capacity and reduce dependence on fossil fuels.


Skawen Technologies 

Skawen markets solutions that can reduce energy consumption for real estate customers, improve air quality and sustainably reduce environmental footprints. The units are made of a lightweight composite material that can be flat-packed. In addition, the units are designed to be easily installed for maximum uptime and reliability. Combined with thermodynamic algorithms and real-time data dashboards, customers gain full control, even in the most complex buildings.



Skyqraft helps grid owners find defects in their power lines to avoid interruptions. This is done by converting images from helicopters or drones into data to determine the location and extent of the fault. An interface accessible to all relevant departments provides an immediate overview of the problem. By using computer visualization and human quality assurance, a highly scalable and accurate solution is provided.


Unimi Solutions 

Unimi provides universal fixtures for effective installation of public charging stations. This means lower installation costs, scalability and less CO2 emissions compared to traditional installations.




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Christiane Binsteiner Foberg