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E-world 2023: empowering Swedish cleantech innovation

The Swedish Energy Pavilion, titled “The Green Machine” at E-world energy & water 2023 symbolized the synchronized efforts required to accelerate the green transition. Arranged by the Swedish Energy Agency and organized by the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Business Sweden, the pavilion showcased 11 innovative Swedish cleantech companies as co-exhibitors. The inauguration of the pavilion was graced by Jenny Lennung Malmqvist, the Minister-Counsellor and Deputy Head of Mission at the Swedish Embassy in Germany, along with Niclas Carlsson, Head of International Business and Investment Promotion at the Swedish Energy Agency, Ninni Löwgren Tischer, Head of Market Entry & Business Development at the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce, and Johan Holmlund, Trade Commissioner at Business Sweden in Germany.

With a total of 820 exhibitors, E-world welcomed over 20,000 trade visitors. The Swedish Energy Pavilion offered an engaging experience through pitch events at the joint stand, where external actors and visitors had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the Swedish cleantech companies. Additionally, individual B2B meetings were arranged, facilitated by the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce, this to increase networking and matchmaking possibilities. To reach a wider audience, a Swedish Sustainability Forum was organized on the second day of E-world, attracting a large and curious crowd eager to learn from Swedish innovators. Following the pitches, a panel discussion took place featuring experts from NRW.Energy4Climate, the Swedish Energy Agency, and the Swedish cleantech company Energy Opticon. The discussion emphasized the need for strong cooperation between countries, highlighting the benefits of sharing knowledge and advancements in the pursuit of a greener energy system.

It was repeatedly emphasized that cross-border cooperation and collaboration are fundamental to accelerating the necessary changes for a sustainable energy future. Establishing robust bilateral relationships and connecting innovators with expertise in various energy-related challenges are essential steps forward. All participating parties expressed high satisfaction with the outcome of the event and expressed their eagerness to continue the productive cooperation.

About the initiative

Since 2014, the Swedish Energy Agency has been actively promoting innovation through knowledge exchange and the facilitation of collaboration in the field of green energy between Sweden and Germany. E-world energy & water event plays an important role in the promotion of Swedish cleantech in Germany. The intention of the Swedish Energy Agency, along with the co-exhibitors, is not only to inspire but also to establish a platform for collaboration and the development of future solutions that address our shared challenges and ambitions.

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Christiane Binsteiner-Foberg, German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce