Swedish cleantech companies visit Germany

On 10–14 October 2022, selected Swedish companies will present innovative products and solutions in the fields of energy efficiency, e-mobility, digitalization, and AI as well as renewable energy as part of a delegation trip through Thuringia, Bavaria, Baden Wurttemberg, and North Rhine-Westphalia.

The aim of the delegation trip is to facilitate the entry of ambitious small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) into the German market and to bring them together with potential German customers and partner companies.

The nine Swedish cleantech companies who are now starting their journey to the German market with the Swedish-German Cleantech Platform are:

3E Flow

The 3E Flow system draws water out of the pipe as soon as the tap is closed, returns it to the tank or water heater and leaves an empty pipe. As soon as a tap is opened, water is delivered directly to the tap. This happens so quickly that you get hot or cold water immediately. The pipe length of conventional hot water recirculation can be reduced by about 80 % in all types of buildings with 3E Flow.


Eliq specialises in improving the customer experience around energy issues. Through its platform, which is based on both energy data analysis and behavioural science, the company enables energy providers to engage in the digital dialogue and share data and value with their customers.


Elonroad is developing a high-tech electric road system that automatically charges electric vehicles both while parked and while driving. The solution thus provides a conductive charging infrastructure for all electric vehicles on highways and in urban traffic.

Energy Opticon

Energy Opticon is a software provider for the economic overall optimisation of energy systems. The company offers the Energy Optima 3 software, as well as know-how for energy companies that want to significantly reduce their production costs, increase efficiency and decision-making reliability in their work, reduce their CO2 emissions and work smarter with the overall energy system.


Metacon is an international energy technology company with a patented technology for the cost-effective production of hydrogen from biogas or other hydrocarbons for fuel and energy consumption.


Bright is an AI-based smart energy platform that is transforming the energy sector. Services are becoming increasingly important to energy companies for the design of sustainable energy systems. The company offers a digital platform with white-label apps that enable users to understand, monitor and control their CO2 emissions. Bright enables users to make their daily lives simple in times of fluctuating electricity prices, solar panels, electric cars, and smart homes.

Swedish Exergy

Swedish Exergy has over 40 years of tradition and innovation with solutions for drying wastewater. Swedish Exergy is ISO certified. Its technology offers, among other things, high energy recovery (up to 95 %) and uniform drying and sterilisation in under 15 seconds. There is also no risk of fire or explosion, and odour is prevented. The units have low space consumption and comparatively low operational costs.


PowerCell develops and produces fuel cell stacks and systems with first-class energy density and high efficiency for stationary, mobile, and maritime use. The fuel cells are hydrogen-powered, produce electricity and heat without emissions, and the only waste product is water. Due to the compactness of the fuel cell stacks and systems, they can be easily adapted to the requirements of each customer. The fuel cell systems are produced in various sizes, from 1 KW to several MW of electrical power.


With Altered’s economy jet regulator, water consumption can be reduced by 30–50 %. The attachment is simply mounted on the existing water tap. It also saves energy and contributes to global sustainability.

All participants are looking forward to meeting actors from the German energy sector and deepening the connection between Germany and Sweden through knowledge exchange. The trip is part of the Swedish-German Cleantech Platform. A program supporting Swedish SMEs that want to enter the German market. It is funded by the Swedish Energy Agency and operatively managed in cooperation with the Swedish-German Chamber of Commerce.


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Christiane Binsteiner Foberg