Ten Swedish companies competing for SET Award

The deadline is over for application to this year’s Start Up Energy Transition (SET) Award, an international competition for start- and scale-ups contributing to a 100% fossile free society. This year, SET received an impressive 543 applications from 89 countries. Among those are ten Swedish companies and we are of course crossing our fingers for them.

In 2019 Swedish company Blixt was one of the SET winners and in 2020 Swedish Enjay one of the finalists. Let’s see what 2021’s outcome will be!

The next step in the competition will be the announcement of the SET100 list at the beginning of March. The 15 finalists will be announced on 16 March in connection to the Berlin Energy Week from 15 to 19 March. The SET Tech Festival, which encompasses the SET Award ceremony, is scheduled later this year when travelling hopefully will be possible again. We will keep you posted!

The SET platform is powered by the German Energy Agency (dena), in cooperation with the World Energy Council. The Swedish Energy Agency is partner to SET.

German Energy Agency’s website
World Energy Council’s website
Swedish Energy Agency’s website

Photo: German Energy Agency.