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ClimaCheck has developed a groundbreaking method for performance analysis which enables efficient energy optimization and predictive maintenance of refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pump systems, resulting in significant savings and successes in the German market. With support from the Swedish Energy Agency and the Swedish-German Chamber of Commerce, ClimaCheck has expanded internationally and embarked on several major projects in Germany, including a commission from the German Energy Agency, Dena, worth over five million kronor, to create a platform for benchmarking energy consumption

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In February 2024, Eliq has teamed up with Energy Market Solutions GmbH, a key player in the energy sector, to transform how German Energy Suppliers cater to their customers. As the industry faces increasing pressure to conform to government and EU mandates while also satisfying customer expectations, this partnership marks a significant move towards bridging the gap. With the Eliq Energy Insights Platform, German households can now confidently navigate their energy transition journey, paving the way for enhanced efficiency and sustainability.

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The Swedish company Unimi Solutions works with a patented universal anchoring solution for electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Since 2010 Unimi has gathered a world leading experience with more than 10,000 unique installations with some 50 different charging station manufacturers – some of them global market leader – in 16 countries.

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Metacon’s core business is based on the production and distribution of hydrogen production technologies for stationery and mobile applications. Catalytic steam reforming processes and electrolysis systems are available as transformation systems. In November 2022, Metacon signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Abwasserverband Kempten (Allgäu/Germany), to provide one mid-size HHG hydrogen generator that will be operational from summer 2023.

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During 2019, Swedish Enjay generated their first sales in the Nordics of its revolutionary heat exchanger developed for use in a wide range of different polluted airflows. The first segment to be addressed was commercial kitchen ventilation and the real kick-off for Enjay was when Burger King Scandinavia decided to make Enjay’s heat exchanger standard equipment to enable heat recovery from all their restaurants.

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Egain joined the Swedish Energy Agency and the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce exhibiting at the Hannover Messe to showcase Swedish innovation and opportunities. Egain set out to connect with both international and German players within the energy sector. Early 2020, Egain signed with a German partner and is now running several pilots throughout Germany.

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In 2019, the Swedish company Blixt earned the Start Up Energy Transition (SET) Award in Energy Efficiency, Smart Devices & Storage category. Blixt develops unique technologies that enable software control of electricity. During spring 2021 Blixt will launch the world’s first certified miniature solid state circuit breaker.

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