During 2019, Swedish Enjay generated their first sales in the Nordics of its revolutionary heat exchanger developed for use in a wide range of different polluted airflows. The first segment to be addressed was commercial kitchen ventilation and the real kick-off for Enjay was when Burger King Scandinavia decided to make Enjay’s heat exchanger standard equipment to enable heat recovery from all their restaurants.

Very early on Enjay decided to take part in start-up and Greentech competitions. Enjay was very successful over the last few years, reaching the finals very often and winning several of the competitions entered. The culmination of competing came last year, when Enjay was finalist in the SET 2020 arranged by the German Energy Agency dena, winner of the equally German Perpetuum 2020, winner of the Greentech Challenge 2020 and winner of Startup4Climate 2020.

About at the same time as when Enjay were selected as finalists for SET 2020 and Perpetuum 2020, they also decided that it was time to establish a presence in Germany. After research into where and how to establish a subsidiary in Germany, with great help from both GTAI and the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce within the Swedish-German Cleantech Platform, Enjay opted for a GmbH based in Heidelberg. The journey has gotten off to a great start, the contacts with potential clients are progressing and Enjay GmbH signed its first employee during the first week of 2021.

It has been a long journey and Enjay GmbH is now poised to make a real impact in Germany, becoming a natural part of the Energiwende and all the projects linking in to that.